Tips for Learning On-Line

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Tips for Learning Online

If you are new to online learning here are some tips and guidelines. Before you start your course:

1. Plan your learning
  • Choose a time and place when you will be free of interruptions
  • Keep to a routine
  • Take notes as you go; write down questions for checking later
  • Make note of learning objectives and review to ensure that you have achicved your objectives
2. Read the Screen
Take time to read the screen and note instructions for moving through the course
3. Practice what you have learned
Until you have practiced new skills you will not retain the information. So for example if you have learned how to create an Excel spreadsheet, it's important to open the real Excel application and practice your new skill there
4. Take a break
When you get tired or can no longer concentrate, move away and do something different for 15 mins or so. You will find that your concentration will inprove

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